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Dive Center

The training base corresponds to the avant-garde concept of the village and it is an attractive place for people of all ages who want to learn subtleties of the diving and to have access to the wonderful and exciting world of marine depths. The Centre offers a wide selection of diving programs – beginner, intermediate, etc. in a global standard PADI. An International PADI certificate may be acquired in „Angel Divers” school after an individual or group training course with an instructor and a test. To the site.


The trial dives hold in an unique simulator pool with a 6-meter glass wall through which the visitors of the design bar Peshtera can gain first impressions of the learning process. The diving activities continue in a quiet and clean bay next to the complex. For advanced divers various submarine trips to explore the secrets of the seabed are offered - diving to sunken ships, underwater archeology, photography.